Usama Zulfiqar

Internal Auditor
Usama Zulfiqar


A qualified professional (FCCA, CIA CISA) with more than 14 years of experience, mostly in internal auditing. Major expertise is in the field of insurance.

Understanding the business environment, its culture, and the expectation of stakeholders & customers is critical. Even the most experienced and professional management and members of the board think that their Company has one of the best internal controls, in place. However, mere the design of internal controls is not enough and its actual implementation and monitoring are also important.

Another important factor where internal controls fail is resource constraints. Too much trust in few people to run critical functions of the Company may result in opportunities for fraud, waiting to unfold.

The approach towards implementing the policies and related controls needs improvement. The use of tools and techniques which support the fundamentals of the control environment needs to be understood by the stakeholders. Hence auditor's role is not only to advise suitable recommendations but also to disseminate awareness and build a good rapport with the key stakeholders.

I have a strong belief in equity, being the opportunity for everyone to succeed and contribute within the society.

Usama Zulfiqar

My Journal

October 8, 2020
Internal auditors must understand the perception, what constitutes value in the eyes of various stakeholders. One of the biggest challenges for internal auditors to address the expectation of every stakeholder.
July 31, 2020
The role of the internal auditor during the pandemic is to re-assess the risks, plan, and perform the work that focuses on the most important aspects of the business.
May 1, 2020
Risk assessment exercise can be exciting or dead boring. Here are the five tips to start the risk assessment in any organization.
January 20, 2020
A robust mechanism of taxation, banking and, control over the circulation of money may help Pakistan to document its economy.
January 1, 2020
Wealth distribution can play an important part in eradicating poverty and an equity-based wealth distribution model is a solution.
November 28, 2019
We never thought of losing data as the difference between a backup and storage is not understood.
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